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Butter 2 Art Fair in Indy!

You all know I love a good experience and this past weekend I had an amazing experience at Butter 2 Art Fair in Indy. Everything about the art fair was nothing short of incredible. According to events website, Butter is a multi-day fine art fair showcasing the works of more than 50 Black visual artists from across the country. Back by popular demand, BUTTER invites guests to see and experience art in new, more equitable ways, pushing boundaries by elevating Black artists in the national conversation. From the marketing being super cute and clean, to the simplistic, detailed website everything was on brand. To be there was an experience in itself, from the time you checked in, the volunteers were super polite and welcoming followed by host/hostess holding the doors for you throughout the art show room. There is no better way to help customers through their journey than literally hold the door for them. It was really busy when I went. I loved the way the event brought so many kinds of people together to celebrate and highlight black art. Every one was super nice and having a great time, watching the art or artist interview, enjoying music, or having food and drinks. I went on Sunday, which was the last day, because I am always on the go but next year I want to go on VIP preview night because I would love to meet more artist and learn more about them and the art work and possibly buy some art. I saw prices on the art so I think you could buy them but I wasn't exactly sure how you did it.

I have never considered myself the artsy type, so to speak, BUT the art work was absolutely incredible. I can't even put it into words. Every picture was so beautiful and told its own unique story. I absolutely LOVED it. I would like to think when this event was created I was one of the personas in mind, a down to earth creative who enjoys local, well designed, quality experiences. Even thought I am not an artist I still was able to appreciate the art. If you missed out on this event definitely save the date for next year because it is definitely a well planned experience in Indy. Check out my IG reel for a snippet of my experience!

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