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Who We Are......

B.O.S.S. Leadership Membership Community will not be your average membership community. This community is for the ELITE (B)usiness (O)wners (S)howing (S)uperintence! The business owners committed to operating in excellence at all times. This community will be for Small Business Owners that are committed to being the best executive leaders of their business while still having fun and being themselves. You will be surrounded by like minded business owners that are growing as leaders and improving their customer experience but love to have a good time and be themselves as well.

 Customer Experience * Accountability * Leadership * Service * Emotional Intelligence * Authenticity

Who will benefit from joining....

1. Any small business owner that wants to scale their business without compromising the customer experience

2. The solopreneur that sometimes get overwhelmed with customer inquiries

3.The entrepreneur that is learning to navigate leading customers as a small  business owner

4. Experienced business owners that are near getting customer service help and/or already has it

What To Expect......

1. Customer Service/Experience Talk Hours - Need a customer experience professional to walk you through some rough customer/client experience situations.... we will have open office hours in which you can contact us and get expert advice that will get you closer to your business goals and not compromise customer/client relationships.

2. Monthly Book Club - Let's read!! We will read some of the best books around customer/client experience, relationships, and emotional intelligence

3. Private Facebook Group Community- A safe space to share your customer service whoas and get advice without judgement.

4.  Customer Service/Experience Master Minds/ Workshops

5. Quarterly NetWorking Events

6. B.O.S.S. Service Days - A great leader is first a great servant and that we will be! On service days we volunteer

7. Discount on services and events

Investment $39/month

Choose your membership

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    (B)usiness (O)wners (S)howintendence
    • Customer Service/Experience Talk Hours
    • Monthly Book Club
    • Private Facebook Community
    • Customer Service/Experience Master Minds/ Workshops
    • B.O.S.S. Service Days
    • Discount on services and events
    • Quarterly Networking Events
  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    Business Owners Showing Superintendence
    • Customer Service/Experience Talk Hours
    • B.O.S.S. Service Days
    • Monthly Book Club
    • Customer Experience Workshops/masterminds
    • Quarterly networking Events
    • Facebook Group
    • Discounts
    • Annual CX audit
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