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Jennica Anderson, owner and founder of S.E.A. Leaders, has created a down to earth community for small business owners to learn about customer experience and how to provide excellent customer service from a leadership perspective at affordable prices through memberships, workshops, digital courses, ebooks and more. We teach small business owners how to design and provide unforgettable experiences for their customers and master the art of customer service and emotional intelligence as a business owner.

Oct 08, 11:00 AM EDT
Elevated Images Suites
Learn what it means and how to create an experience clients are raving about!!


Upcoming Workshops/Events

Join S.E.A. Leaders in celebrating small business owners that are providing a great customer experience and take the time to network and learn from other small business owners and community leaders on how to operate in leadership and prioritize the customer experience in your business. 

Get a customer satisfaction survey designed and administered,  work with experts to design your customer or client journey, or schedule customer service training/workshops.

 Check out our digital trainings, products, EBooks and more for affordable customer experience and customer service development...